Week of October 17, 2011

1.)Complete Social Studies PAcket
2.) Practice Book pg. 21
3.) Math MJ pg. 61 & 71

1.)Making Connections questions pg 132
2.) Practice Book pg 20
3.) MJ pg 65 & 67

Students who work with Mrs Dial also have lesson 1 worksheet

1.) Re-read "Elena" Complete think and respond page 129
2.) Practice Book pg 19
3.) Math- MJ Page 64

*Every night your child should also be reading for approx 1/2 hour in order to improve their reading ability. Additionally, your child can improve math and reading skills by logging on to First in Math and KidBiz3000 at home. These programs keep track of your child's progress and we can see what is completed at home. Links to these programs can be found on the Academic Computer Programs Page.

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