Previous Homework
(listed when available)

Week of Oct 10th

1.) Social Studies lesson 5. Review questions pg 85 (red: #'s 1,4, and % Green- Compare/Contrast, 1 and 4, Yellow #'s 2. 3. and 4)

2.) Math MJ page 55

3.) ELA "Dear Mrs. Park's" Assessment THURSDAY

* Vocabulary, making judgements, complete/simple predicate, Narrative elements

*Math Unit 2 Assessment FRIDAY


1.) Making connections pg 110

2.) Practice Book pg 17

3.) MAth-SRB pg 19, pg 20 SHOW ALL WORK



Week of September 26, 2011

1.) Complete "Need in Deed" interview paper with a neighbor or family member
2.) Remember to check the Wednesday Folder
3.) If your child was given a math worksheet (subtraction) it must be completed as well. This is because your child needs additional help in this math concept.

1.) Re-read "Yang the 3rd". Complete think and respond questions pg. 84
2.) Practice Book pg. 12
3.) Math Journal pg. 35 Show work on a separate sheet of paper

1.) Read "Sebastian's Violin" and answer questions
2.) Practice book pg 11
3.) Math Journal page 33 Show your work on a separate sheet of paper.